Jaume Amat i Riera

Telecommunications engineer. A graduate of La Salle University, Jaume Amat i Riera entered the biotechnology sector through the young pioneering biotechnology company Archivel Technologies, specialised in seeking biotechnology solutions for the industrial sector and managing R+D+I projects, focusing in particular on analysis of the industrial application of developed technologies.
He spent five years as General Manager of the company, acquiring in-depth experience in research project management and various models of cooperation between the public and private sectors.
Jaume Amat Bioemprèn
Jaume Amat i Riera was a member of the team that founded Archivel Farma in 2005. He was Chief Executive and Operating Officer (CEO and COO) between 2005 and 2009, during which an initial round of funding was concluded, and was involved in the design and construction of a plant for the manufacture of sterile biological medicinal products under investigation for human use (NSB3), obtaining European Good Manufacturing Practice certification, as well as accreditation as a pharmaceutical laboratory, and carrying out phase I clinical studies for the RUTI® vaccine.

In addition to his work at Archivel Technologies and Archivel Farma, in 2002 he contributed to the creation of Laboratorios Argos (acting as director until 2005) and Argos Acompanyament Adaptat, a pioneering Spanish service-based company involved in transporting and assisting people with reduced mobility.

Over the past few years, Jaume Amat i Riera has participated in various programs designed for executives, including Management Development Program (PDD-1-2009) at the IESE Business School, a motivation and leadership course at the University of Auckland Business School, as well as business development and strategic negotiation programmes at the Executive idEC, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

He recently founded Bioemprèn in order to create a platform to continue promoting ideas and endorsing business projects and initiatives in the field of biotechnology in Catalonia.